Welcome to Maya Forum on Discourse

Hi there, we are incredibly happy to welcome to you this community of Maya team, users and developers. Maya is for those who believe in the simple economics of automation that goes something like :

If a 1 minute tasks take 60 minutes to automate, its 61st automatic execution breakevens the cost of automation before your profits.

so we hope that this forum would help you discover automations, tips and tricks for using Maya and building skills to switch you the fast lane in this ever evolving digital world.

There are simple rules to using the forum:

  1. You have to be registered with a valid email and logged in to be able to post questions, comments and replies. Sign up using the button top right corner.
  2. Search for your questions before you ask them, it might be possible help is already exists in the community.
  3. Do not spam. Advertisement, endorsements, and other content which leaves bad taste in a productive community is actively moderated.
  4. Most important one: Stay civil. There is a community guideline which is required to be adhered to be all users of the forum. Violation will lead to banning.

Links to get you started:

  1. Maya Store: https://mayahq.com/store
  2. Documentation: https://docs.mayahq.com
  3. Node RED Home: https://nodered.org
  4. Request for new skills and modules: Topic